UPOS-500 Series

UPOS-500 Series are industrial-grade fanless POS system, equipped with modularized monitors, to ensure flexible installation for diverse applications.

  • UPOS-500

    UPOS-500 series is a next-generation motherboard specifically designed for Advantech’s POS product line and to satisfy demands for a PCB in POS systems.  The series can be equipped with either an Intel® Celeron® J1900 or Core™ i3/i5 processor. It also features smaller size that only 170 x 140 mm, meanwhile, provides all the same capabilities.

  • UPOS-510

    UPOS-510 is modern industrial-grade POS system powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900 and Core™ i5-6300U processor. The slim and borderless front touch panel offers a maximized viewing area and is IP65-rated for water and dust protection. The small footprint design makes UPOS-510 the ideal system for limited-space installations and medium and small-sized businesses. The easy-access back cover allows users to conveniently access/replace HHDs. Additionally, UPOS-510 supports I/O expansion for flexible installation and can be equipped with diverse peripherals, such as a secondary rear-mounted display, to satisfy diverse applications in retail and hospitality environments.

  • UPOS-520

    Although retail companies desire POS systems branded with their corporate logo and color scheme, most manufacturers struggle to satisfy this requirement. Consequently, Advantech developed its UPOS-520 POS solution. The UPOS-520 features a customizable back cover that can be emblazoned with a corporate logo in keeping with a company’s specific corporate image and internal decoration. Additionally, the UPOS-520 is fanless, which ensures noiseless operation and eliminates the accumulation of foreign contaminants.

  • UPOS-530

    To satisfy the usage requirements of the retail and hospitality industries, Advantech’s UPOS-530 is equipped with the latest fanless Intel® processor for delivering noiseless yet high-performance computing during peak business hours. The system also supports three mount options to meet the installation needs of most retail and hospitality environments. The inclusion of a smart hinge allows for easy HDD removal and replacement, ensuring the system can be flexibly upgraded in the future. Furthermore, UPOS-530 can be integrated with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/RMM remote management software to support remote monitoring of the system status as well as database backups and recovery, making it more than just a transaction POS system.

  • UPOS-540

    UPOS-540 is an ultra-compact POS box system with the latest Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor and fanless low-power system that provide cost-effective high computing performance. With the inclusion of customizable I/O interfaces, UPOS-540 is highly expandable and can be integrated with various peripherals. The aluminum finish housing not only enhances heat dissipation, but also provides a stylish appearance that, combined with the system’s compact small footprint design, ensures installation flexibility and space savings for a wide range of retail and hospitality environments. 

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