Advantech offers a range of software packages to meet communication needs while adding peripherals such as DirectPCI SDK Run-time, OneWire/iButton® and DPX® Connector SDK to a gaming system.

  • DirectPCI SDK

    DirectPCI is Advantech-Innocore's expansion architecture for gaming and custom hardware expansion. This versatile and cost effective architecture allows a host of gaming specific features to be included either on-board or via separate I/O boards. Edge-to-edge software support is provided in the DirectPCI SDK & Run-time package, a set of developer resources and device drivers to enable easy application development using the DirectPCI hardware on the DPX® Series mainboards. Please refer to the other software datasheets and manuals for a full description of the associated hardware and software.

  • DPX Connector SDK

    DPX® Connector SDK is a software package developed to address customers’ needs to connect third-party hardware peripherals to Advantech-Innocore computer boards. DPX® Connector SDK supplies a range of hardware and protocol-oriented modules to allow connection of a range of peripherals such as bill validators, coin hoppers, ticket printers and similar.

  • DPX SAS Engine SDK

    The DPX®-SAS Engine Software Development Kit provides a ready to use driver and API environment that enables the game developer using one of the many Advantech-Innocore platforms to interface their game to any SAS compatible system. The SAS development kit relieves the game designer from the details of the SAS (timing, software maintenance, variations in applications etc.), leaving them free to concentrate on the game itself; saves months or years of software development and debugging time. DPX-SAS Engine is lab tested, GLI and BMM approved and field proven in gaming applications worldwide. Windows® and Linux versions are available. SAS licenses can be upgraded in the future to GSA compliant G2S licenses.

  • DPX Diagnostics

    DPX® Diagnostics is a product validation and verification tool, developed to help address three fundamental verification needs: 1. Software product release verification: discover any errors or omissions in release software 2. Hardware product verification and validation: establish that new designs function as intended 3. Production-level testing: ensure that all production hardware is verified for quality

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