UNO Aksami

UNO aksesuarlari; DIN-ray / Duvar / Panel / masaüstü montaj kitleri, FPM montaj kiti, HDD genisleme kiti, ADAM modülü genisleme kiti ve PC/104 modülü genisleme kiti gibi farkli uygulama gereksinimleri için kullanilirlar.

  • UNO-IPS2730-AE

    Intelligent UPS serves as a temporary power supply during short breaks in power and enables safe system shutdown. It can protect PC from electrical damage and greatly reduce the risk of losing data. The module supports different DIN-tail mounting position for easy installing in the limited space.

  • UNO-2000G-VMKAE

    UNO-2000 Series VESA Mounting Kit

  • UNO-SM80

    Supported Model List: UNO-3072LA, UNO-3072A, UNO-3074A, UNO-3082, UNO-3084

  • UNO-WM80

    Supported Models: UNO-3072LA, UNO-3072A, UNO-3074A, UNO-3082, UNO-3084

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