Advantech endüstriyel veya laboratuar uygulamalarda kullanmak üzere güçlü sayici islevleri tasarlamistir. Advantech PCI bus yapisi için genel amaçli çok kanalli sayici / zamanlayici kartlari ve karsi sayici kartlari saglar. Esnek kesme (interrupt) kaynaklari motor kontrol ve pozisyon izleme islevleri için uygundur. Veri Toplama (DAQ) & Denetim destek listesini bulmak için buraya tiklayin.

  • PCI-1780U

    PCI-1780 is a general purpose multi-channel counter/timer card for the PCI bus. It targets the AM9513 to implement the counter/timer function by CPLD. It provides eight 16-bit counter channels, 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. Its powerful counter functions cater to a broad range of industrial and laboratory applications.
    The card features 12 programmable counter modes, to provide one shot output, PWM output, periodic interrupt output, and to measure the frequency and the pulse width. The PCI-10168 shielded cable works well with PCI-1780 to reduce noise. Its wires are all twisted pairs, and the input signals and output signals are separately shielded, providing minimal cross talk between signals and the best protection against EMI/EMC problems.

  • PCI-1784U

    PCI-1784U is a 4-axis quadrature encoder and counter add-on card for PCI bus. The card includes four 32-bit quadruple AB phase encoder counters, 8-bit timer with multi range

  • PCL-833

    PCL-833 is a 3-axis quadrature encoder and counter add-on card for the IBM PC/AT and compatibles (ISA bus). This card lets your PC perform position monitoring for motion controlsystems. Each input includes a decoding circuit for incremental quadrature encoding. Inputs accept either single-ended or differential signals. Quadrature input works with or withoutan index, allowing linear or rotary encoder feedback.PCL-833 has three independent 24-bit counters. The maximum quadrature input rate is 1.0 MHz, and the maximum input rate in counter mode is 2.4 MHz. You can individuallyconfigure each counter for quadrature decoding, pulse/direction counting or up/down counting.
    PCL-833 provides five digital input channels. Each channel accepts digital input as an index input for a rotary encoder or as a home sensor input for a linear encoder. The card cangenerate an interrupt to the system based on a signal from its digital inputs, overflow/underflow of its counters, or on a programmed time inte...

  • PCIE-1884

    32-bit, 4-ch Encoder Counter with Preload Position Compare FIFO PCI Express Card

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