Saglik Bilgi-Eglence (Infotainment) Terminali

All-in-one, yatak basucu terminali multimedya içerikli eglence ve iletisim seçenekleri sunarak hastanelerde kalisi daha kolay kilar. Terminal ayni zamanda optimize edilmis bir hastane is akisi çerçevesinde, güvenlikli bir sekilde hasta verilerine erisen hastane personeline profesyonel bir tani araci olarak yardimci olur.

  • HIT-W183

    HIT-W183 is an innovative product in the HIT-series, featuring a 41mm thin body enclosure (12mm at its thinnest part), USB 3.0, 5 megapixel camera, and dual isolated Ethernet, which lets hospitals separate and manage internal and external network traffic.  The HIT-W183 also features a dedicated audio codec for our background noise-canceling handset to guarantee the best audio quality for calls to nurse stations.  The available optional nurse call button and the LED indicator can be easily linked to existing nurse call systems in hospitals, and can be operated independently, even when the system is off.  HIT-W183 is ideal for applications in hospitals, such as bedside information terminals, IP nurse call stations, and treatment centers. It can also be used as an HMI interface for medical equipment.

  • HIT-W222H

    HIT-W222H is an 21.5" all-in-one information terminal for healthcare and Service IoT. It is powered by an Intel Haswell i7 processor that supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

    The HIT-W222H can be used for communication between family members and patients via webcam, WiFi, and Ethernet network connectivity. It can also be used to authenticate hospital staff and patients through RFID and Smart Card Reader modules. HIT-W222H is ideal for applications within hospitals, such as nurse calls control panel or bedside information terminals.

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