Peripheral Boards

Advantech CPCI carrier boards include GPS, Ethernet, storage and PMC modules that comply with industry standards for broad compatibility. Also, Advantech offers 3U CPCI I/O Board and CPCI I/O Rear Transition supporting 32 bit 33MHz/ 66MHz PCI frequency

  • MIC-3957

    The MIC-3957 is a 3U CompactPCI GPS Communication Card. It is designed with u-blox lea-6s GPS module via UART interface. MIC-3957 is capable of massive parallel time/frequency space searches, enabling it to find satellites instantly. Innovative design and technology suppresses interference sources and mitigates multipath effects, providing excellent navigation performance even in the most challenging environments in automotive and industrial applications.

  • MIC-3958

    Advantech MIC-3958 Series, a 3U height 4HP CompactPCI® peripheral card, using Intel® i210 Ethernet controller, to support up to four RJ45 Gigabit lan connectors, two switchable with rear transition module; MIC-3958A provides four RJ45 lan ports on front panel, MIC-3958R provides two RJ45 lan ports on rear IO panel. Its ideal power solution make it perfect for all fanless system applications.

  • MIC-3954

    The MIC-3954 is a rugged single Eurocard CompactPCI® Serial carrier board with two function options; Option 1: Supports the PCI Express® Mini Card, which offers two standard PCI Express® Mini Card slots, with dual on-board SIM slots for 3G module. It allows to use all types of cards for HF applications, for example GPS, WLAN, UMTS, GSM, or HSDPA which is connected to two external SMA antenna connectors; Option 2: Supports the hard disk drive carrier board and one USB connector on front panel. It is designed to carry a 2.5" SATA hard disk drive or a solid state drive.

  • MIC-3953

    The MIC-3953 is a 3U CompactPCI carrier board for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) modules. It provides one 32,64-bit/33,66 MHz PMC site in 4HP width for system expansion through different PMC modules. Advantech provides several PMC modules that work with MIC-3953, such as the 10/100 Ethernet module and Gigabit module. It is also compatible with other standardized modules from other manufacturers.

  • MIC-3955

    The MIC-3955 is a low power 4-port or 8-port RS232/RS422/RS485 serial board with 3U CPCI form factor and is based on the EXAR PCI controller. MIC-3955 is PICMG 2.0 Rev.

    3.0 compatible. Rear board module are named MIC-3527XX. The MIC-3955 supports front IO or rear IO with 4-port and 8-port, and every channel is independent.

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