PC-Based Programmable Motion Controller

The MAS controller is a PC-based motion controller based on the Motion Studio software development tool. It features a range of built-in debugging tools and can be programmed using BASIC programming language. The unit is suitable for various applications and can greatly shorten the equipment development cycle. The MAS controller is integrated with a high-performance digital signal processor and field-programmable gate array. It can easily calculate trajectories, perform real-time motion control, and provide I/O processing support functions such as linear, circular, and helical interpolation. Other features include a multi-axis comparison trigger, high-speed position latch, and T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration support. Additionally, with Motion Studio, users can easily complete system configuration and diagnosis, enabling the simple and fast realization of complex motion control functions.

  • MVP-3245

    MVP-3245 provides embedded motion control platform for embedded motion applications with latest Intel Atom processor and SoftMotion technology and is aimed to machinery industry application with compact and slim form factor need.To meet different demands for industrial automation, MVP-3245 provides a variety of basic motion control functions, such as linear, circular and helical interpolation, T/S-curve speed profile and advanced motion function, such as E-Gear, E-CAM and Tangential Following.
    MVP-3245 also features the specific softmotion function for sector application, such as 2D compare trigger, Path DO and 3D Arc move. This controller also supports serial communication ports and several other networking interfaces. In addition, Advantech supplies a Common Motion API library, graphical utility and user-friendly examples to decrease programming load, helping users complete configuration and diagnosis easily.

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