Network Platforms, Blades & Adapters

Advantech provides mission-critical hardware, including network appliances, network security, network servers, carrier grade and high performance servers, SDN network switches , blade servers, and PCIe adapters that support SDN and NFV for telecommunication, NFVI, SD-WAN, NGFW, UTM, PICMG, uCPE and edge computing applications

  • Network Appliances

    Advantech platforms are deployed in a wide range of applications for network and cyber security in the form of UTM appliances, IPS / IDS devices, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and Security Gateways (Se-GW) among others. They are ideally suited for enterprise applications such as vE-CPE and SD-WAN, and widely used as physical appliances such as load balancers, application delivery controllers (ADC), WAN Optimization Controllers (WOC) and VPN gateways.

  • Carrier-grade & Enterprise Blade Servers

    Advantech Packetarium XL series are Intel-based blade servers designed for next generation telecom applications such as 5G, , carrier-grade servers, enterprise blade servers, and edge computing strengthing the transition to NFV and SDN Infrastructure which fit in mission-critical environment and high performance computing platform.

  • High-performance Servers

    Advantech's SKY Servers integrate the most performing Intel Xeon processors with a rich I/O subsystem and extensive PCI Express-based expansion capabilities into a compact system design tailored to operate in business and mission-critical environments. Advantech also provides NFV and edge-computing applications, such as rack servers, storage servers, rackmount servers, network servers, and industrial servers.

  • Network Switches

    White-box SDN switch platforms from Advantech are based on standard silicon from Broadcom, Intel and NXP, utilize standards-based protocols such as OpenFlow, and support manageability through open technologies such as OpenStack and OpenDaylight

  • PCI Express Adapters

    Leveraging server-class Intel Ethernet controllers, Advantech Network Interface Cards(NICs) give lan access to 1GbE, 10GbE and 40GbE interfaces with industrial life cycle and life cycle management such as PCI Express Adapters. In addition, our dual or single Intel QuickAssist Acceleration Cards can supplement the CPU throughput for the termination of standard security protocols such as IPsec and SSL

  • AdvancedTCA Blades & Integrated Systems

    Advantech Integrated ATCA Systems, with the latest 40GbE backplanes, network switches, ATCA blade, and rear transition modules, optimize the network application platforms to achieve possible density at the rack level, with a maximum number of payload blades, network ports, and switching capacity.

  • AdvancedMC Modules

    Advantech AdvancedMC is designed to work on MicroTCA, a ATCA carrier card which can directly plug into a backplane. Our MicroTCA and AMC product lines, with efficient power consumption and multiple choices of Gigabit Ethernet/USB2.0/SFP+ ports, elevate the AMC processing module performance for carrier grade communication equipment.

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