Machine Automation

Advantech Machine Automation offers application ready platform for various automation control solutions such as motion control, embedded systems and others industrial automation applications. The Motion Controller could be widely applied in the SMT/PCB, semiconductor, LCD manufacturing industries, and other machine automation applications. For centralized motion control solutions, Advantech's multi- axis motion control card, PC-based controller and embedded system controller can be installed. For distributed control solutions, a complete line of Advantech Motion Network (AMONet) and the time-saving DIN-rail terminal boards are the best choices for wiring work.

  • Vision System

    Vision System

  • Centralized Motion Control Solution

    Centralized motion control solutions include 4-axis, 6-axis, 8-axis motion control cards and embedded motion controller, utilizing a high-performance DSP to calculate the motion trajectories and FPGA to process critical motionI/O. The kernel on DSP is the one of SoftMotion built by Advantech. All motion control PCI cards support common motion API for easy integration or machine upgrade. Motion functions of the cards vary from basic point-to-point motion control, economic linear/circular interpolation to application-specific functions. The PCI-1240U/PCI-1220U and PCI-1243U are motion control cards that are ASIC based. The PEC-3240 is an embedded motion controller; programmers can speed up their system development with this Application ready embedded motion controller. Windows 32 bits/64 bits, .Net components are supported.

  • PC-Based Programmable Motion Controller

    The MAS controller is a PC-based motion controller based on the Motion Studio software development tool. It features a range of built-in debugging tools and can be programmed using BASIC programming language. The motion controller is suitable for various applications and can greatly shorten the equipment development cycle. The MAS controller is integrated with a high-performance digital signal processor and field-programmable gate array. It can easily calculate trajectories, perform real-time motion control, and provide I/O processing support functions such as linear, circular, and helical interpolation. Other features include a multi-axis comparison trigger, high-speed position latch, and T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration support. Additionally, with Motion Studio, users can easily complete system configuration and diagnosis, enabling the simple and fast realization of complex motion control functions.

  • Frame Grabber

    Advantech machine vision is a fully integrated vision system in a compact D39 smart camera format.Our USB Frame Grabber designed for connecting USB industrial cameras in machine vision, factory automation, and medical applications, moreover, the GigE Frame Grabber allows power to be supplied to connected devices, such as PoE-based GigE cameras in machine vision inspection systems. Machine vision systems are able to be configured and monitored remotely using an Ethernet port connection to a PC or factory network. Small and rugged devices can be easily integrated into existing production lines, machinery, or moving equipment. Advantech machine vision with built-in opto-isolated I/O allows direct wiring to associated control devices. A 10/100 BaseTBase-T Ethernet port provides setup and monitoring access, runtime control, and standard communication protocols and passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) supports single cable interface. An integrated lamp connector provides power and strobe contro...

  • Distributed Motion Control Solutions

    Advantech offers a range of distributed motion control solutions that include its proprietary motion control network, AMONet (Advantech Motion Network), and Ethernet Control Automation Technology (EtherCAT) solutions.

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