Kurulum Aksami

  • Fakli standartlarda montaj seçenekleri
    - Ayak
    - Montaj Kolu
    - Duvara Montaj
    - Panele Montaj
  • Özel montaj seçenekleri
    • PPC-IPS-AE

      The lightweight and intelligent power management module, protect Panel PC from electrical damage and greatly reduce the risk of losing data. The IPS module serves as temporary power during a short break in power and allows a safe system shutdown. It can be easily to install on din rail or on the back of Panel PC.


      An elegant desktop stand made of aluminum alloy that supports VESA 75/100. This stand allows users to adjust the vertical viewing angle and can be affixed to surfaces using two screws.

    • PPC-ARM-A03

      VESA standard arm for PPC series

    • PPC-174T-WL-MTE

      The PPC-174T-WL-MTE fits all 6" ~ 21.5" PPC products, and is designed using metals. After many thousands of torque tests, this stand ensure that PPCs products won't change
      their position.

    • PPC-WLAN-B1E

      An optional Wi-Fi module with dual antennae and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac support.

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