Kabin Tipi, Fansiz Kutu PC (UNO-4000 Serisi)

Advantech, elektrik sebekesi ve dagitim trafolarindaki veri ag geçitleri ve bilgi islem platformu gibi otomasyon gereksinimleri için 19" kabin tipi, IEC 61850-3 sertifikali bir Fansiz Kutu Bilgisayar gelistirdi. Bu ürün, ortak çalisabilirlik ve baglanabilirligi iyilestirmekle kalmadi ayni zamanda güç üretim ve dagitimi otomasyonundaki zorlu ve kritik gereksinimleri karsilamada güvenilir bir islevsellik sagladi.

  • ECU-4784

    The ECU-4784 series are TUV IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified products, which can provide high reliability and stability for global power automation target market application. With the fanless and robust design, high CPU performance, flexible expansion, rich communication interfaces and intelligent functions, the ECU-4784 series are industrial PC that suitable for smart substation in harsh environment, not the general computers.

  • ECU-4674

    The ECU-4674 series of products is compliant with Electricity Certificate level IV (especially for China) and IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certification , which provide higher reliability and stability, suitable for any Global P&E automation market and harsh environment. With versatile communication interface to use for Smart substation Communication server and IED Analyzer to fulfill the Data Gateway & Protocol Conversion requiremment easily. Featuring a fanless design with high performance Intel Atom N2600 processor, the ECU-4674 comes with 18 isolated serial ports, 8 x LAN and 1 x PCI-104 extension. With iCDMananger support , users can easy diagnose System & Communication and enhance maintenance efficiency, with Structured and functional module Internal design for easy customization and Fast assembly to fulfill the different kind of application.

  • ECU-4574

    The ECU-4574 product is compliant with Electricity Certificate level IV, IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certification, provides higher reliability and stability performance that is suitable for global smart substations. With a flexible communication interface, the ECU-4574 works as an IED Analyzer that fulfills the smart substation bay level requirements. Featuring a fanless design with Intel Atom N2600 processor, 10 isolated serial ports, eight Ethernet ports, the ECU-4574 is easy for customization and fast assembly to fulfill different kinds of applications.

  • ECU-4553

    For solar power, electricity and factory related applications which require Ethernet and Serial Port communication solutions, Advantech has released the ECU-4553 RISC-based industrial communication gateway. ECU-4553 has an open platform design with Cortex A8 processor, 16xRS-232/485 isolated serial ports, 4x10/100 Ethernet ports and operating temperature range from -40 to 70°C.WithLinux operating system and open TagLink SDK, which enable to system integrators to develop applications which precisely ft their need.

  • ECU-P1761

    The ECU-P1761 is a PCI extension card with Digital Input and Relay Output function to fulfill the acquisition requirement in power automation. With 4x DI, 4x RO and 1x IRIG-B,
    ECU-P1761 enrich the Advantech acquisition solution under power & energy x86 architecture UNO-4673A/4683 and ECU-4784 computers.

  • ECU-P1628D

    8-port Isolated RS-232/422/485

  • ECU-P1618D

    8-port Non Isolated RS-232/422/485

  • ECU-P1524PE

    The ECU-P1524PE is a PCIE extension card with HSR/PRP function to reduce the data transfer packet loss probability and ensure the system seamless switching. ECU-P1524PE
    combined with Power & Energy Automation Computer UNO-4673A/4683, ECU-4784 to give Ethernet redundant solution for smart substation Application.

  • UNOP-1624D

    4-port Isolated RS-232/422/485 with IRIG B

  • UNOP-1514C

    The UNOP-1514C is a PCI express communication card which is compatible with UNO-4673A, UNO-4683 and ECU-4784, can support 4 SC type Multi-mode Fiber Optic ports. The Fiber Optic LAN with100Base-FX type that the communication follows IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3x standard. With the fiber transmission distance up to 2km , speed up to 100Mbps and isolated design, the UNOP-1514C is perfect for use in industrial environment, like smart substation.

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