Araç Tipi Bilgisayarlar

Advantech'in Araç Bilgisayarlari, forklift, kamyon, TIR, traktör, taksi ve vinç gibi araçlar için endüstriyel kalitede bilgisayar platform çözümleri sunar. Araç mobil bilgisayar ailesi kapsamli veri isleme gereksimlerini karsilamaktadir. Saglamlastirilmis gövde yapilari havalandirma kanallari içermedikleri için ön ve arka panellerin toz ve su sizdirmaya karsi dayanikli olmasini saglar. Bu bilgisayar platformlarina kablosuz LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g), GPS ve GSM/GPRS modüllerinin eklenmesiyle gerçek zamanli veri aktarimi, navigasyon ve iletisim islevleri gerçeklestirilir.

  • DLT-V7210K

    The DLT-V7210K with integrated hardware keyboard is a rugged vehicle mount terminal designed for maximum uptime and logistics - meeting a wide temperature range from hot and humid to cold freezer environments - whether dry or intense humidity. The integrated Advantech-DLoG low profile antenna solution combines excellent high transmission quality in a smaller, driver-friendly size. The integrated, user-friendly hardware keyboard available in different country versions enables efficient data input. An easy to use 10.1" wide touch screen reduces input failures by operator.

  • DLT-V6210

    The DLT-V6210 is a very rugged vehicle mount terminal designed for efficiency in logistics. With IP65 standard for the complete system, a large operating temperature range and extrem robust mechanical design it supports operations within harsh work environment. Coming with a abrasion resistive and scratch proven projected capacitive
    multi touchscreen the device withstands physical effects. The DLT-V6210 supports operations under bright light conditions with an optional sunlight readable display. The low profile diversity Wi-Fi antenna, designed for the logistic approach, is perfectly matched to the environmental conditions

  • DLT-M8110

    The DLT-M8110 is a fully rugged detachable vehicle mounted terminal device for warehouse application. It is powered by Intel® ATOM™ E38427 CPU and 4GB DDR3L memory. Built-in are robust Wi-Fi designed for logistic needs, Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting peripheral devices, camera and 2D barcode scanner for data collection. External hot-swappable that the DLT-M8110 is the choice for a vehicle mounted terminal.

  • DLT-V72


    The DLT-V72 is a rugged vehicle mount terminal designed for efficiency in logistics - meeting a wide temperature range from hot to deep freezer environments- whether dry or humidity loaded. The integrated Advantech-DLoG low profile antenna solution combines in excellence high transmission quality with smallest size.  Therefore the DLT-V72 series is a preffered choice for the logistics industry.

  • MTC6

    The MTC 6 is a rugged vehicle mount terminal that increases efficiency in logistics - in the distribution center, port, warehouse, and even in the deep-freeze area. The integrated Advantech-DLoG antenna solution enables Wi-Fi diversity in excellence and hence improves reliable data transmission even under complex receive and transmit conditions. Therefore the Advantec-DLoG terminals are a choice for the logistics industry.

  • XMT5

    With an extremely rugged housing XMT 5 is the ideal vehicle mount terminal for harbour and logistic applications. On cranes for container handling as well as on forklifts in warehousing, the XMT 5 is the perfect companion, due to its application required interfaces: WLAN or WWAN, mobile positioning using GPS, CAN bus systems or Ethernet.

  • DLT-V8310

    DLT-V83 vehicle terminals from Advantech-DLoG are extremely robust, highly configurable and meet a variety of business needs. They incorporate all the features necessary for heavy-duty vehicle applications in warehousing, industry and mining. Using a UPS system, they can bridge an interruption of power supply of several minutes, use CAN-Bus technology for effective vehicle diagnostics and monitoring and are capable of withstanding extreme cold in cold storage warehouses.

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